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      The FC2250 large format flatbed cutting plotters are ideal for designers and prototyping in the offset printing, digital printing, packaging industry,
      fashion industry, as well as road sign making, stone & glass sandblasting/etching, electronic film industry, etc. The built-in Automatic Registration Mark
      Sensing system further simplifies contour cutting of printed materials. Incorporates ARMS to ensure precise cutting. Cut decals & other P&C application with

      Configuration – Stand
      Knife Configuration – Supersteel
      Cutting Speed – 58.5” per sec

      Cutting Area – FC2250-120VC 47”X36”
      FC2250-180VC 68.5”X36”
      FC2250-60VC 24”X36”
      Overall Size –
      37.1˝ (W) x 61.7˝ (D) x 50.6 (H)˝ FC2250-120VC
      37.1˝ (W) x 81.4˝ (D) x 50.6 (H)˝ FC2250-180VC
      33.8˝ (W) x 36˝ (D) x 50.6 (H)˝ FC2250-60VC

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          Sprocket-feed plotter designed for the rigors of everyday use while offering the ultimate in speed, reliability and durability. The enVision series runs on
          Gerber OMEGA™ software, as well as most popular design software platforms. With ultra precise tracking and simple material loading the Gerber enVision
          series are the fastest sprocket-feed plotters on the market.

          Configuration – Desktop
          Knife Configuration – Swivel Knife
          Media: 15˝ Gerber sprocket materials
          Cutting Speed – 50” per Sec
          Cutting Width – 13.25”
          Overall Size – 29”W x 11”H

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            Highly accurate stepper motor sprocket plotters that use 15” perforated materials. These open-architecture workhorses feature KMS – Knife Mode Switching™
            technology, for optimal cutting of all Gerber Materials as well as many others. GS plotters are simple to learn and operate, and define the term
            “unattended-operation”. Includes accessory kit, knife tool holder and blade, pen, and material roll holder.

            Configuration – Desktop
            Knife Configuration – Swivel Knife 30°,
            45° or 60° w/corner compensation
            Media: 15˝ Gerber punched media
            Cutting Speed – 3.6” per Sec
            Cutting Width – 13.25”
            Overall Size – 26”L x 9.5”W x 10.5”H

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            CE7000 series cutting plotter. The NEW CE7000 model serves the garment decoration, sign graphics, PRINT and CUT graphics, automotive markets and many more.

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