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          Designed with a dual position cutting head for cutting semi-rigid materials and a trimming feature for flexible materials such as photo paper and canvas.
          Engineered with a green cutting strip that gives operator a visible cut line, meaning no need for guesswork and reduces scrap from cutting mistakes. Mounts
          on tabletop or stand for shop mobility. Offered in sizes from 40” (1.0m) up to 120” (3.0m).

          Dual head position for cutting and trimming
          Through-cutting for semi-rigid materials
          Trimming feature for flexible vinyls, photo paper and canvas
          Engineered green strip gives you a visible cut line

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            Recommended for cutting large format graphics. Replaces the common method of a straight edge and knife. Offers sizes up 120” (3.0m), eliminating the need to re-position the straight-edge. Sight line strip allows operator to line up material for entire length of cut, increasing cutting accuracy.

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