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    Tubelite Enterprises and Denco Sales Announce “We are merging our organizations to provide better national service to all of our customers”

    Orlando FL, and Denver, CO, January 1, 2021


    Tubelite (Established 1925) and Denco Sales (Established 1953) are pleased to announce their strategic merger. Greg McCarter, President of Tubelite and Ken Von Wald, President of Denco, have regularly talked about how strong the organization would be if they brought their east coast and west coast businesses together. They are excited about being able to do this now and are committed to serving their teams, and customers going forward. Their respective leadership teams will be active and continue to be engaged in running the merged company with Greg serving as CEO and Ken as COO. “Our existing talented teams are what will make this merger a success” says McCarter. The companies’ geographic locations build on the strengths that Tubelite and Denco provide to their customers. This new joined company will provide a strategic advantage to be more competitive on a national scope, so that the new organization can serve their existing customers even better than before.

    What customers can expect is for everything to remain the same at the start with subtle enhancements as time goes on. In the end you will have a more progressive company using technology to improve your customer experience. Ken Von Wald stated “As our industry continues to see consolidation, our customers continue to desire better customer service on a national level. We believe that together we have the most knowledgeable teams in our industry and will be able to provide the customer service that our customers crave.”