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Testing Material

Testing Material

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      Single temperature Thermopaper non-adhesive indicators provide a faster response time and are for use when a clean and dry test surface is available. Strips consist of a temperature sensitive element that produces a non-reversible white to black color change at the rated temperature. The non-adhesive labels are available in packages of 16 strips each.

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      Why use pellons when you can use the same fabric that the t-shirt was made of?
      We spread and cut Test Print Material,(Strike Off), in fabric size ranging from 15″ to 32″ wide and 22″ long.
      Test tubes are sold in 25lb boxes in assorted Lights, assorted Darks, White , Black , Navy and Gray Heather.

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      Expert Test Squares (Pellons) are designed not to shrink when flash-cured or ran through a dryer. Black is a true black, not the traditional charcoal. Two sizes, both in a medium weight assure performance similar to most shirts printed. Very Economical.  15″ x 15″ Available in White and Black.

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      These test pellons work great for running test prints before printing production begins. They’re handy for trouble-shooting a screen, helping you to find pin holes or other mistakes before printing on more expensive garments. Using test pellons also helps you reduce waste by allowing accurate registration to be tested before any actual printing begins. Use black pellons when testing prints that will be on black and dark garments for more accurate tests.

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